Thursday, 25 March 2010

I'm going to post both everyday goings on and writings in here from now.

Today, sixth form is closed because of a burst water main (they closed college at 1pm yesterday). This is bon as no Biology test, which I hadn't revised for anyway due to coursework which is more important.

Tomorrow, I have my first driving lesson! Very excited, and a tiny bit nervous too. ^_^
I feel my bones ache, ache for some warmth, for the summer, for ice-cream cones, for accordions and for lemonade and time which seems to stretch endlessly.

I never want that time to end and yet it always does, leaving behind it apple portions and sweet grass and park days.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

after a blogspot hiatus, I return...

What has been happening since the last time I updated...

I have had almost a full month back at sixth form. I am feeling very stressed about a horrible History essay I have to write by next Friday. -shudder- it is not a nice essay. :( gah. I also have a correlation study to write up for Psychology.

I've been madly drafting and redrafting my personal statement. I hope to finish my application by October half term, personal deadline; scary much? I think so. The thought of going to uni next September and the thought of interviews scare me. I am so shy it's untrue and I will fail at interviews. :(

I have just ordered my provisional driving licence, got to send the photo and ID in the post but apart from that, I'm done. Which is exciting because everyone around me is having lessons and passing tests and I haven't even had a lesson yet. But I was only 17 nearly two months ago. hmm, I want to drive! I wish it didn't cost so much.

I have a ton of resits to do in January, I have five or six exams in total including this year's A2 ones. ahhh! :/

Anyway, I am shattered now and have a horrible cold and am going to seek refuge in my bed. goodnight xxxxxxx

Monday, 14 September 2009

long time no post...

I have had my entire summer holiday. Now, I am back to sixth form. I have done one week and a day of work experience, I have been to Yorkshire for a week and a half, I have turned seventeen. I have been doing lots of reading and a little writing over the summer, R/S, a little tiny bit of poetry.

I am waiting for Muse's new album to come tomorrow (I wanted it today, because it's my brother's birthday tomorrow and I bought it for him and I wanted to wrap it today so we could both listen tomorrow morning).

I've been applying for part-time jobs in the last few days too. Accessorize, Card Factory, Card Party and Cooks (bakery). Hope to hear back from them soon, especially Accessorize ♥

& now I leave you with a little bit of poetry:

Ssh, please
be quiet this moment; I hear
a noise, something, in our periphery. A

song, familiar as you are to me. Let me
listen; I know this one. A teasing
string of words, mocking. I tried to
forget these feelings: please

come home.

much love to you all xxx

Monday, 27 July 2009

prompt poetry & prose

1. A stain on the wasteland;

guess you'd call him a
jock, if you were that sort.
a stereotype.
All I know is he was a damned good sportsman,
you name it. He'd give it a shot.

Charlie. Charlie MacPherson.
He was my brother, you know. I wrote that
on the card amongst the flowers left at the park side.
Desolate just like his last snatch of sight around him.

I thought he was popular. He was. I knew
it. But then he was gone. Nineteen years and then,
the end. Ceased to exist one day.

killed him.

What kills me is that no one knows who
the hell took him away. Not even me. All they left
was just a stain on the wasteland.


4. There was something wrong with the colours;

It was all she'd ever known. She realised she was like the Emilia Fox's of this world... just one of many in the family known for a certain sort of profession. No, she thought with a sigh and a smile, there was nothing for it; Alexa Johnson was to be an artist.

It was all she could remember. Her seventh birthday – the year simply all the little girls were inseparable from their Polly Pockets and other such delights. Alexa had opened her presents - “careful, darling!” - bit by bit, slowly peeling the tape away. Her first grown up artist's set. An easel. Canvas. Alexa's heart leapt – her daddy would be so proud of her when she used it.

Now she had been on this earth nineteen years – and four months and thirteen days, if you were the precise sort, and she was indeed, as she'd always known she would be, at an esteemed arts college.

She turned her attention back to her subject and her easel. Alexa didn't think there was much greater joy than being able to capture a person, their personality and the circumstance in which the subject was being drawn. She sighed. Something was wrong this time. She couldn't put her finger on the exact pinpointed aspect that needed to be worked on.

Personality. Check, plenty of that. Perspective. Seemed fine to Alexa.

She brushed a stray piece of hair from her eyes, leaving a light smattering of paint in her finger's wake. She glanced up at the subject once more, biting her lip and then back to her easel again. The colour didn't look... realistic? No, she didn't think that was the word. More... dull and dark. The colours didn't do what they were meant to do in a painting; bring out the subject and provoke imagination.

She knew what she needed to do now, the finish was in sight.

“There was something wrong with the colours,” Alexa thought to herself as she, once again, put her brush to the canvas.


5. A Boy Wearing Red and Green;

I have a vague recollection, flashes of memory. My mother told me I once had a friend by the name of Timothy. I've seen the photographs but I don't really remember.

I know he moved away. Far away, or so I thought anyway. I was so convinced he had moved to America or Australia or some other place across the world from my garden patio and my blue sandpit. As it turned out, he had only moved to Devon. Still, I guess a child's mind works that way. Exaggerated sizes and distances, you know.

All I do remember, distantly in a flash of colours and pictures, is a boy wearing red and green.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

incredible fun :)

Been on work experience at the hospital the past two & a half days. I was in the geriatric ward yesterday which was interesting.

Today I have had a bad headache and a bit of temperature but I've been to my grandparents, to Matalan and to the final morning of work experience. I feel a little better now, which is good.


Monday evening I went for pizza with Ree and Caz and Em, which was brilliant! The waitress who matched us in craziness and humour. Kudos. :D And Martin the monkey. :D

I do indeed love these people -points down- <3

Friday, 17 July 2009

apologies for lack of posts recently!

Grandad-wise, he's not having his operation until mid-August now. Something to do with staff holidays and waiting lists or something.

Been on work experience this week in the doctor's, shadowing nurses, doing admin stuff & the baby clinic too. it's been brilliant & I didn't want to leave Friday!! Got three days in the hospital next week, should be good.

& Ree and Caz are coming Monday, going for pizza with them in the evening after work experience (it is not amusing that I now have to do work experience instead of spending the whole day with them!!).

Upton Blues festival this weekend. We were a) going to sit on my dad's friend's boat for a bit on the river next to it and b) have a BBQ. however, it has rained a lot and the river there is very prone to flooding. so high that there is a mark on one of the riverside pubs' walls to show how high the water came up when it completely wrecked the place two years ago in the July 07 floods. And the BBQ is not happening in the rain. hmm.

Apart from that, not a lot is happening. Summer is here, or the holidays are at least, not sure about the weather! Em and I are going to the Bullring on the 29th (for her birthday on 30th), I'm going to Yorkshire on 30th July to 11th August, then hopefully [eeee!] going to see We Will Rock You in Birmingham at the Hippodrome for my birthday on the 12th! :D