Monday, 14 September 2009

long time no post...

I have had my entire summer holiday. Now, I am back to sixth form. I have done one week and a day of work experience, I have been to Yorkshire for a week and a half, I have turned seventeen. I have been doing lots of reading and a little writing over the summer, R/S, a little tiny bit of poetry.

I am waiting for Muse's new album to come tomorrow (I wanted it today, because it's my brother's birthday tomorrow and I bought it for him and I wanted to wrap it today so we could both listen tomorrow morning).

I've been applying for part-time jobs in the last few days too. Accessorize, Card Factory, Card Party and Cooks (bakery). Hope to hear back from them soon, especially Accessorize ♥

& now I leave you with a little bit of poetry:

Ssh, please
be quiet this moment; I hear
a noise, something, in our periphery. A

song, familiar as you are to me. Let me
listen; I know this one. A teasing
string of words, mocking. I tried to
forget these feelings: please

come home.

much love to you all xxx