Tuesday, 6 October 2009

after a blogspot hiatus, I return...

What has been happening since the last time I updated...

I have had almost a full month back at sixth form. I am feeling very stressed about a horrible History essay I have to write by next Friday. -shudder- it is not a nice essay. :( gah. I also have a correlation study to write up for Psychology.

I've been madly drafting and redrafting my personal statement. I hope to finish my application by October half term, personal deadline; scary much? I think so. The thought of going to uni next September and the thought of interviews scare me. I am so shy it's untrue and I will fail at interviews. :(

I have just ordered my provisional driving licence, got to send the photo and ID in the post but apart from that, I'm done. Which is exciting because everyone around me is having lessons and passing tests and I haven't even had a lesson yet. But I was only 17 nearly two months ago. hmm, I want to drive! I wish it didn't cost so much.

I have a ton of resits to do in January, I have five or six exams in total including this year's A2 ones. ahhh! :/

Anyway, I am shattered now and have a horrible cold and am going to seek refuge in my bed. goodnight xxxxxxx