Friday, 17 July 2009

apologies for lack of posts recently!

Grandad-wise, he's not having his operation until mid-August now. Something to do with staff holidays and waiting lists or something.

Been on work experience this week in the doctor's, shadowing nurses, doing admin stuff & the baby clinic too. it's been brilliant & I didn't want to leave Friday!! Got three days in the hospital next week, should be good.

& Ree and Caz are coming Monday, going for pizza with them in the evening after work experience (it is not amusing that I now have to do work experience instead of spending the whole day with them!!).

Upton Blues festival this weekend. We were a) going to sit on my dad's friend's boat for a bit on the river next to it and b) have a BBQ. however, it has rained a lot and the river there is very prone to flooding. so high that there is a mark on one of the riverside pubs' walls to show how high the water came up when it completely wrecked the place two years ago in the July 07 floods. And the BBQ is not happening in the rain. hmm.

Apart from that, not a lot is happening. Summer is here, or the holidays are at least, not sure about the weather! Em and I are going to the Bullring on the 29th (for her birthday on 30th), I'm going to Yorkshire on 30th July to 11th August, then hopefully [eeee!] going to see We Will Rock You in Birmingham at the Hippodrome for my birthday on the 12th! :D

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