Monday, 6 July 2009

summer days :)

It is very nearly summer (as in holidays, 7 long stretching weeks of freedom! :P), and this makes me insanely happy.

I have a very nice little (well I say little...) pile of books to read this summer. At the moment, it is 'Three Men In A Boat' by Jerome K Jerome. I was also rereading My Sister's Keeper but then I lent it to my friend when I had halfway through it (we'd just seen the film -sob-), thinking I can get a copy out of the college library. It's been on the shelf there for months on end and the one day I go in there to get it, it's not there anymore! :o not amused really.

& I'd just like to say, muchos hugs to Katie for being a fantastic person & to tell her not to hide away under her duvet because things shall get better and there are good things aussi. Like Muse, hehe. <3 And Snow Patrol too <3

Muse on the radio tonight (hopefully!), University Challenge restarting (yes, I'm an addict :P), and Torchwood's new series starts tonight. And cold pork for dinner, yum. I think things are looking up (yes, I'm trying not to think about Friday).

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