Monday, 29 June 2009

My grandad's got to have a cardiovascular scan of some sort tomorrow, and his operation is 10th July (he's got to go in on 9th July). I'm guessing as he's 70-something with all the other health problems like emphysema he'll be in hospital for quite a bit, maybe 10 days plus. Only vaguely positive thing is that it's at our local hospital so we can visit more easily.

Apart from the grandad front, everything's good. Got this week off because of year 10 and 11 induction/visit days etc. A little cruel as we have a week off then we have to go back for a week before summer :P

Had a lovely weekend, was on a Red Cross duty Saturday at a mini teenage music fest in a local park. Loads of amazing local bands/singers playing, some of whom I knew. And it was beautifully sunny all weekend as well. Sunday, went to Upton jazz festival in the afternoon. Met one of Dad's IT customer people, really nice guy and his wife and two kids. Lovely day in the sun, played two games of pool (YES I WON ONE :D), had a gorgeous pork bap and some chips with tomato ketchup on... hmm. Upton Blues festival's 17/18/19th July. Always the best festival and hopefully we'll meet up with my dad's friend and his family again, this time they're going to bring their boat too <3

Got a lot of stuff to look forward to also! Got work experience at a doctor's surgery 13th-17th July, Ree and Caz are coming to Worcester on 20th July [eeep so excited], might have some more work experience at the local hospital that week too. Going to Birmingham shopping with my best friend, Em on 29th July (we were going on her actual birthday, the day after, but my parents decided we were going on holiday on the 30th instead!).

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