Sunday, 21 June 2009

So in the next three weeks, my grandad will have to have something done about this aneurysm. He's got to have further tests, an appointment with the consultant anaesthetist (to see exactly how huge the risk will be of an operation) and possibly with some other consultant before the operation even goes ahead.

I'm scared he'll die. But I know if he doesn't have something done, it could burst or whatever at any time and then he's got no chance.

Other things... I've been to Birmingham City uni (yesterday - and to the Bullring too) and Worcester uni (today). I really do like Worcester, seriously considering staying home now, it'd be cheaper for one which is always a good thing.

Also been to Alcester folk festival this afternoon. Sitting in the pub garden with a burger and a few glasses of coke & lemon slices, with my immediate family and two family friends (damn, they're family for sure!) who mean everything to me. Then we went back to theirs for a cup of tea and I had some gorgeous Carte D'Or (Crema Di Marscapone) ice-cream at theirs too mmm. yes. :D

apart from that, I'm vair excited as Ree texted me and said she's booked tickets for Worcester on 20th July. eeek, fun times to come.

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