Thursday, 11 June 2009

My grandad had his results yesterday. Apparently they called him in not so much because of the aneurysm (which has grown slightly) but because there's some flap thing around his heart that's letting blood where it's not meant to be. And on the scan he had last week, they couldn't tell much about what said flap was, etc, so today he had to have a CT scan. He's getting results next week, my dad's taking him to our local hospital.

Went to Bristol UWE open day yesterday. I absolutely ADORE it, it's so lovely and friendly there and the campus is beautiful. <3 Also went to our little higher education evening thing last night (pouring rain, Mum tripped and half the leaflets etc fell out into a puddle. We laughed, a lot.). Got a prospectus for Swansea, which looked quite lovely and practical in terms of placement hospitals near campus. Don't think my dad wants to drive me to Swansea for the open day though, haha. Got a leaflet about volunteering at the children's hospice too.

On the subject of volunteering and open days still, got to go to Keele on Sunday for the open day, and have two first aid duties soon with the Red Cross; one on 18th July and the other on 27th. Should be good! :D

So that's about it for the last few days to be honest!


  1. Fingers crossed for your grandad, lovely :) Are you doing Adult or Children's nursing? Wherever you go, do NOT come to Herts; not that it wouldn't be lovely to have you on my doorstep, but just that it's more rubbish than a landfill site. Yus.

  2. haha, thanks for the tip sweetie! I want to do Adult Nursing. :) xxx